Sep 29, 2009

Zyrex Ellipse EGT 270 apa Zyrex EGT 500

Tuesday, September 29, 2009 Oleh dennis sistiawan ·
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Setelah posting terdahulu direpotkan dengan kisah Zyrex EGT400, tadi aku dibuat pusing lagi oleh produsen laptop indonesia yang mengklaim dirinya dengan The #1 Indonesian PC ini.

Dan lagi-lagi masalah drivernya...!!!Kali ini aku dipusingkan dengan Zyrex type Ellipse EGT270, pas buka webnya, setelah aku cek pada kotak pencarian web tsb type itu tidak ada, mungkin sudah tidak produksi, langsung saja aku masuk link download. pada link donwload itu ternyata ada 2 type yaitu type EGT270 dan type Ellipse, daripada salah terpaksa aku download 2 type driver tersebut semalam.

Tadi pagi setelah selesai aku downgrade laptop tersebut dari vista ke XP semua driver yang aku download di websitenya semalam tidak ada yang cocok. Padahal jelas-jelas type dibalik laptop tersebut bertuliskan Zyrex Ellipse EGT270.

Beruntung Lancardnya sudah dikenali dengan windows xp, trus aku coba saja driver dari laptop Zyrex Cruiser EGT400, sapa tahu cocok, sebab tak lihat chipsetnya sama-sama via, tapi lagi-lagi gagal. akhirnya dengan bantuan lancard yang sudah dikenali oleh XP, aku download driver wirelessnya, sebab terlihat disana wirelessnya Realtek 8178, akhirnya aku dapat driver wirelessnya dari majorgeek, 1 masalah terpenuhi, tinggal VGA, Sound, Chipset, camera, cardreader, yang belum dikenal. Karena penasaran aku coba lagi untuk download driver dari website Zyrex tsb. lagi-lagi situsnya tidak bisa dibuka....!!!!!! akhirnya karena waktu sudah siang terpaksa aku tinggal dulu untuk ishoma.

Setelah ishoma pun site zyrex masih belum bisa dibuka, sempat geram juga, masa sih seharian hanya menyelesaikan laptop ini saja, belum lagi guyonan teman-teman "mampu nggak ngatasi laptop itu..?"

akhirnya sekitar pukul 3 sore website zyrex bisa diakses lagi, daripada pusing aku download driver semua typenya satu-satu, mulai dari EGT 200, EGT 300, Anoa, EFS, EGT 500 tapi hanya VGAnya saja. setelah semua driver selesai di download aku coba satu-satu. dan alhamdulillah ternyata driver yang cocok adalah dari type EGT 500, langsung saja aku donwload chipset, soundcard, camera, dan cardreadernya. sempat heran juga sih lha ini type Zyrex Ellipse EGT 270 apa Zyrex EGT 500 sih....? kalau memang Zyrex EGT 500 kenapa pada labelnya bertuliskan Zyrex Ellipse EGT 270. Buh benar-benar hari yang melelahkan.....!!!!

Untuk produsen dan supportnya mohon diperhatikan kembali masalah ini...!!!!Bagaimana mau jadi The #1 Indonesian PC kalau masih saja seperti ini...!!!!

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Steps to Made a Website

Tuesday, September 29, 2009 Oleh dennis sistiawan ·

Many people have asked me about how to create a web. For that I make this post that I hope could help you to create a website with the easy and simple. Basically to create a website is fairly simple. I hope what I will explain useful for you.

In making a web, you necessary need domain and hosting. This is the first thing you should prepare to build a blog. You have to find the domain that matches your needs. Find a domain name is unique and easy to remember. Do not using the domain name too long until you yourself would be difficult to remember. Then, you have to find hosting. You can choose hosting your liking for a variety of hosting available with different priced and qualities. You can visit to know web hosting is right for you. In this web you can find references about hosting with a variety of services it provided.

After your domain and hosting set up, you almost have a website. What should you do next is to connect your domain name with hosting. You must enter the server name found on a web hosting to your own domain name. Now your website is ready to be accessed. You must often make a posting to the number of visitors to your web more and more. Perhaps this is what I can tell, may be useful for you.

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Sep 27, 2009

Optimize Your Computer Memory

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Computer is a good means of doing the job. By using the computer, we can complete our work quickly. Computer's ability to process the data is not in doubt. There are many applications in computer which we can use to facilitate our work. Application can be customized to our needs. We can add or reduce the application that we want.

The longer we use a computer, computer skills will be less and less. Computer skills so that we remain good and optimal, then we need to do an upgrade on our computer. You can use DDR2 memory for upgrade your computer memory. DDR2 memory has the ability to compatible with various types of computer. By increasing the ability of your computer, not just restore your computer to original condition but also improve the ability of your computer. You can add a 2GB DDR2 memory on your computer. Maybe for you as much as 2GB of additional memory is too large. But, with increased capacity up to 2GB, you do not have to worry anymore with your computer may have problems.

Before you upgrade on your computer, you should find the correct information about the memory upgrade. You can open to find information about a variety of memory upgrades for your computer. With maximum computer skills, you will be much easier to complete your task. Poor computer capabilities it will hurt you. Your job will be blocked and will not be completed in quick time.

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Sep 25, 2009

Powerful Home Security For you

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I was a collector of paintings. I love painting because by looking at the painting I feel that my mind and heart to be more calm. I started collecting paintings since 2 years ago. I already have my 83 paintings that particular store in my home. I bought this painting from some famous painters from around the world. These paintings have meaning and special importance for me. Every chance to go abroad, I always took the painting to take home.

To maintain my special painting, I need a home security with the best quality. I trust my home security to the ADT. ADT is a security system that not only protects our homes from thieves but also to protect our homes from the danger of fire and other accidents. Of course this is very important to me because the painting has a combustible nature. ADT will send a signal to firefighters if there is a fire in our house. So you will get help quickly.

For me, ADT home security is very good. I can calmly leave the house without fear of thieves and fire because my house is protected by ADT. As long as I use ADT, I never felt disappointed. Services provided by the ADT are very good and memorable for me. You also can try ADT as your home security. ADT is a powerful home security that is suitable for all types of homes.

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Sep 20, 2009

Selamat Idul Fitri 1430H

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Sebelum saya mudik
Sebelum saya pulang kampung
Sebelum saya jauh dari akses Internet
Untuk Para Blogger dan teman-temanku Semua
Saya Sekeluarga Mengucapkan
Minal Aidin Wal Faidhin
Mohon Maaf Lahir dan Batin
Udah ya teman-teman saya mau istirahat dulu besok mau mudik nih....!!!!
sampai ketemu lagi......!!!!!

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Sep 18, 2009

Hughesnet Your Solution for Broadband Internet

Internet is one of the amazing technologies that are ever invented. From personal user up to multinational business organization are using internet and starting to depend on it. Actually, very easy to find the internet providers that promise their best quality service but to find an internet provider whose services match to your need is not that easy.

However, today you have hughesnet, one of the reliable internet providers which use satellite technology to transmit their connection. Unlike the old fashioned dial-up broadband internet providers, this system which is using satellite technology is absolutely very flexible and also affordable because this internet satellite system does not require phone line to connect. So, for the users who live in rural area are also able to subscribe this broadband satellite internet as long as they have a clear view to the sky where the satellite is transmit the connection. Moreover about this internet provider, they come with packages, so you can choose the packages which the services, features, and prices are suit best to your need.

For the further and detail information that you need to know about the reliability of this internet provider and their satellite technology you can visit their website in

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Sep 17, 2009

Direct TV Your Family Entertainment Solution

Thursday, September 17, 2009 Oleh dennis sistiawan ·
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Looking for alternative entertainment at home is not difficult. As long as you have television with reliable channels providers then all of the things to entertain you are available.

Some of you must be familiar with TV Cable, well, actually if it is compared to DIRECTV HD, a new system which is using Satellite TV technology, TV Cable is so left behind especially about the affordability. One of the benefits that you can from this system is the Direct TV Packages. Through those packages you can choose the channels that you need only without the obligations to pay for the channels that you do not need. For you who like Sports, you can choose packages with NFL or Sunday Ticket in the list and for you who prefer family show, choosing family package with ABC channels is actually suggested. So, with DIRECTV you do not need to pay so much money for additional entertainment with family or friends, just sitting comfortably in your couch to watch all of the show that you like.

For the further and detail information about this new technology of DirectTV Satellite, you can visit their website in Moreover, if you are interested you are also able to make an online deal in this website.

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Online Web hosting Reviews

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Online business marketing is always meet success because it can gain many customers through simply promoting via World Wide Web. The presence of web hosting is important indeed; most of websites that made for business needs have gain service of web hosting through web hosting company. Seeking for best web hosting companies might not difficult; you can conduct with web easy solution such as visiting website that offering web hosting reviews, ratings and awards. If you are looking for best-recommended website, Web Hosting Geeks is online leading reviews for web hosting deals that you can obtain as your best place to choose web-hosting company that suitable with your budget.

Renting for web hosting is often put you to some consideration through features service guaranteed by web hosting company. To compare for each web hosting features you can apply for web hosting reviews. Through web hosting reviews, you can make comparison toward each web-hosting provider. Web Hosting Geeks offers solution to acquire cheap web hosting services, web-hosting plans and web hosting domain with money back guarantee. The directory of web hosting rated by professional reviewers based on best price, reliability, bonus features, uptime, customer support, key features and feedbacks. Furthermore, you can educate yourself through web hosting tips and guide that provide with reliable resources.

Through Web Hosting Geeks, you can take benefits from directory of web hosting providers; also, you can apply for dedicated server hosting that provides benefits for your business too. Some of best-dedicated web hosting providers that you can compare are Inmotion, Acenet, SingleHop, UltraHosting, Aplus and Lunarpages. There is introduction to dedicated servers for readers to help them know more about web hosting service. Within one-stop sources, you do not need to visit for other websites because it is already provide you with direct links to web hosting providers. Visit the website now and choose your vps hosting with affordable prices.

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Sep 16, 2009

Online Photo Editor

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Have you ever found it difficult when your girlfriend asks you to edit the photo she was to appear attractive? This is certainly a difficult thing when in fact you can not do that. To master the photo editing software, this course will require a long time. In addition, you may not master all the techniques to edit the photo. When using photo editing services course your money will run out to do it.

When faced with a situation like that, then what need do is visit the site A glimpse of this trick is as sly. But surely this is not a problem, which is important you can satisfy your girlfriend. Inside this site you can find a variety of templates that have been specially designed and professionally. There are more than 100 effects pictures you can use to edit your sketch. To create an image that was in the edit, you only need a very easy process. You only need to enter your photo then wait for the results. When you need to edit your avatar is very fast. By using this site, you do not need to go to college to learn how to edit a photo. With this site you will look like a professional image editor.

No needs to worry about the angle of the photo you have. This site uses face detection technology that automatically inputs your photos will be adjusted to the effect that you select. After you finish the photo editing, you can save your photos into your PC so that when you need it someday, you will not experience difficulties.

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Use Clear Wireless Internet

The need for the internet is not just for fun. Many things we can do with the internet. You can get very much information from the internet. Many people who use the internet as a medium for money. Each person has different interests in using the internet. But almost all the activities we can do with the internet.

To be able to enjoy the internet, you only need a computer and internet access. However, not all have internet access good quality and service uptime. You can use the Clear Wireless Internet 4G. With the latest technology, internet access with the media is much more profitable for Internet access has experienced improvements. Clear is the internet access provider that has experience in providing internet services. Signal coverage is very broad so you will still be able to use the internet anywhere. Clear has now reached several countries. One of them is Portland. Clear Wirelss Internet Portland has coverage to rural areas. This is made Clear more selected as internet access providers.

Internet access is not limited to access in the room. By using the Clear, you can make internet access outside the room. With advanced technology, you will avoid any disturbance is common. Many people who have prove and satisfied with the services provided by Clear.

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Sep 14, 2009

tempat penitipan link

Monday, September 14, 2009 Oleh dennis sistiawan ·

Barusan buka email saya sempat kaget, bagaimana tidak belum genap 12Jam aku buka emailku, di inbox sudah berisi 26 email belum terbaca....!!!!!awalnya sih senang, tak kira penawaran reviewku diterima semua oleh Sponsored Review (SR), ternyata dan ternyata diinbox hanya dipenuhi dengan pesan Stop Dreaming Start Action (SDSA) sampai 21 email untuk mengaprove komentar pada blog ini, sisanya 2 dari penulis review, 1 dari blogvertise, 1 dari buyblogreview dan satunya dari lijit.

berikut screenshootnya

Sempat jengkel juga ngeliatnya, padahal sudah tak kasih wadah berkomentar sampai batas lebaran dengan anchor text like kontes SEO atau apalah....!!!!di postingan tentang Ramadhan Membawa Berkah. Belum lagi setiap postingan reviews sudah tak disable komentarnya, dan beberapa postingan baru banyak yang aku stop untuk berkomentar, tapi masih ada aja komentar memakai anchor text tertentu...!!!!!di beberapa postingan lama yang gak aku stop komentarnya. Kalau Aku lihat dari jamnya kayaknya satu orang nih yang berambisi mau jadi TopTen di google dengan anchor text Stop Dreaming Start Action

Untuk Teman-teman yang mengikuti Kontes SEO atau Promo Blog, silahkan di postinganku yang ini, tapi hanya sampai lebaran saja ya...!!!!selebihnya maaf, atau silahkan cari blog lain, masih banyak kok blog-blog dofollow yang merelakan komentar dengan anchor text tsb, maaf blogku bukan Tempat penitipan link melainkan tempat penitipan sepeda. Terserah kalian mau bilang aku sombong, congkak, egois, itu semua pendapat kalian, saya dengan senang hati akan menerimanya. Toh blog ini blogku dewe, urusanku ate dikapakne....!!!!hahahahaha

Saya dengan senang hati akan menghapus semua komentar berbau PROMOSI BLOG/PRODUK, KONTES SEO, apalagi komentar yang tidak berhubungan sama sekali dengan postingan ini dan postingan selain yang saya sebutkan tadi.

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Get Your Cash Advance Right Away in

Monday, September 14, 2009 Oleh dennis sistiawan ·

You might think that it is impossible to deal with financial problem in short time. Well, as long as you know where to come you will find the solution is actually very easy.

Emergency time can come anytime, a situation which forces you to provide some amount of money in short time. Some of the examples are urgent medical surgery, credit bills which almost reach the due term and many more. What you need in this situation is Fast Cash Advance and Cash Advance Fast can provide you this help. In this site you can apply a loan online and get approved within 24 hours and the lender will deposit some amount of money as short as the next business day. There is no background check required or question about your purpose of borrowing the money. All that they want to know is you needing a payday and they will strive to help you get it.

To ensure you more about the reliability of this website and how effective this system to help you solving you problem, you can visit their website in for the further and detail information. One thing to remember, this is a short term loan so learn more about this system before you conducted it is highly recommended.

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Sep 12, 2009

Choose a Good Web Hosting and Secure

Saturday, September 12, 2009 Oleh dennis sistiawan ·

Liked a house that was locked and has a protective fence, there still exists the opportunity for thieves. Similarly, the security system for web hosting servers, which are susceptible to the web server network intruders. It is not surprising that complement the company's web hosting server with many security features to provide maximum service to consumers or the webmaster to store their vital data such as property in the house deserve special protection. Apart from these facilities domain management, database, and support is need to attention.

There are some things that must be considered in choosing a web hosting service is good and safe. Make sure before you decide to buy web hosting services as a storage database of your website so as not to be disappointed in the future. Make sure whether the web server is already equipped with Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Then you see the price offered by the web hosting. Does it fit with the facilities provided or not. You can open to see review of cheap web hosting with good quality.

Choosing web hosting is not arbitrary. We need to consider the facilities and the quality provided to our website to work optimally. The selection of fake web hosting that will only hurt you because your website will be difficult to access. You can use the reviews on the web provided as a guide before you choosing a web hosting that match your needs.

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Ramadhan membawa Berkah

Saturday, September 12, 2009 Oleh dennis sistiawan ·
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Bulan Ramadhan memang bulan pembawa berkah, itulah yang saya rasakan, alhamdulillah selama bulan ramadahan ini job review saya nggak pernah sepi, selalu saja ada, walaupun nilai jobnya tidak seberapa.

Sampai-sampai banyak teman yang protes karena isi postingan semuanya review dan tidak bisa dikomentari (untuk job review komentar memang saya tutup) baik itu melalui chating, shoutbox sampai-sampai melalui sms. Maaf ya teman-teman,hehehehehehe. Walau semua protes itu hanya guyonan belaka, saya jadi gak enak sendiri, sebenarnya saya pingin menulis dan menulis lagi, tapi bingung apa yang harus ditulis, ya mungkin karena disibukkan dengan urusan review(matre total) sampai-sampai gak punya ide untuk menulis, postingan ini saja asal ketik kok.

Oh iya di bulan ramadhan ini juga alhamdulillah saya sudah mempunyai blog lagi dengan domain sendiri, hasil dari review tentunya, beberapa dari kalian pastinya sudah tahu dengan blog baru saya tsb, jadi gak perlu saya tautkan linknya disini. Walaupun masih bingung apa yang harus ditulis diblog baru tersebut. Mau dijadikan blog pribadi atau blog dengan sejuta kematrean...hehehehehe. terserah nanti deh biar waktu yang menjawab.

Mumpung masih bulan Ramadhan, untuk Postingan ini saya tidak akan menghapus atau mereject semua komentar sampai selesainya Ramadhan, baik itu komentar cacian, hinaan, pujian (kalau ada), komentar dengan anchor text tertentu like Stop Dreaming start Action, Kenali dan Kunjungi Objek Wisata kuliner, ups wisata di Pandeglang maksudnya, maupun anchor text-anchor text lain yang berhubungan dengan KONTES SEO katanya. Abisnya aku ndak ngerti SEO mangkanya aku pakai kata "katanya", kalau menurutku sih lomba cari backlink sebanyak mungkin.
Kan Blog ini dofollow, kata para master-master SEO, berkomentar di blog dofollow akan memberikan backlink pada blog kita (berarti saya kan beramal pada yang berkomentar)hehehehe.
Udah dulu ah capek nulis dari tadi lagian isi postingannya ngalor-ngidul gak karuan, saatnya mencari job dulu sapa tahu dapat, sambil menunggu saat sahur.

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Sep 7, 2009

Calculus Tutoring

Monday, September 07, 2009 Oleh dennis sistiawan ·

While at these clip you constituted student of K-12, and then the doubt that frequently egresses inwards your head, acted beggary the course or not. These doubt frequently egresses by parents as cared recalled it directly leave authorize. As a matter of fact the analyzing counseling essential equal actually auctioned. Aside by to growth your child's cognition approximately the object lesson merely to cultivate the spirit ascertained by educates.

The object lesson that essential amaze especial attending constituted calculus. A lot of educates exacted that they felt the resisted inwards analyzing these object lesson. These sure weren’t beneficial while comprising left behind equitable as though that. These wish sure constitute experienced aside it equally an effect as the test came. They'd confusion inwards answering the count and at last accepted the low appraise. For really appointed demanded by Calculus help and then the student forced out not ever essential on blow money. You forced out constituted usable inwards the internet. Web that centering and constituted established assisted constituted is They accepted Precalculus help which wish assist you. Precalculus is one of the materials that should you know before you got calculus. And then while so you desired to analyze, they constituted prepare to assist you in 24 hours with Free precalculus help. Calculus tutor followed an estimate that constituted beneficial as the student. The student forced out attending the place by the course along applying Free calculus help that acquitted inwards the web.

Your concern around calculus material that constituted hard at once to constituted defeat. You constituted no more essential panicked as accepting the test because you ascertained calculus material. On your seriousness analyzed and inwards backed aside the professional tutor, you'll easy ascendancy material by calculus material while that constituted material which comprised hard.

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Sep 6, 2009

The Function of Gold

Sunday, September 06, 2009 Oleh dennis sistiawan ·

Gold was the very luxurious valuable thing. This thing was it considered luxurious because of having beauty and the expensive price. Gold as jeweler was used by the woman to increase their beauty. Gold also was available in the form of the coin. Gold with the form like this usually has the form and the special feature so as to continue to have the expensive price even to be able to be more expensive than other form of gold.

Gold indeed had several different functions. Moreover, many of the buyers of deliberate gold bought gold for investment. This was done by them because they had the opinion that in the period that will come, the price of gold will be increasingly high. You could be opened web that was web that gave much information about gold. Moreover, you could do the purchase of gold with the good quality there.

Anything the reason in buying gold, this thing indeed had the big benefit. Not only as the decoration, but could be made investment means. Gold was the thing that will not be broken by time. Had gold always will benefit you. The value sold of gold always will rise every year. So you will not experience the loss

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Sep 5, 2009

Equipment for Your Shop

Saturday, September 05, 2009 Oleh dennis sistiawan ·

There were several methods that could be carried out by you to get money. You could work constructively an effort to get money. In developing an effort, there were several matters that must be paid attention. You must prepare the efforts kind that was wanted. However, was suggested by me that you opened the food business because this business always met many customer.

Apart from the idea about the food kind that will be sold by you, and you too must prepare the place and equipment. For the place, you could lease the building in the strategic place. You could equip your shop with loading dock equipment. This equipment was very beneficial so as you could serve your consumer maximally. Moreover, and you too could add shop equipment that was other like the table and the seat. At this time has been available the table with Hydraulic Lifts. Apart from being seen more luxurious, this table was also very good for your customer. This table like that was easy to be made function and you will find it easy to tidy up him.

You could buy this equipment in This web had his quality and certain thing was suitable for you. You would not the difficulty chose efforts equipment for you because here you could get it easily but also will have many of your beneficial choices. After all equipment was ready, you could begin efforts and produced the profit.

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ADT as Your Home Alarm

Saturday, September 05, 2009 Oleh dennis sistiawan ·
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Put on alarm in the house was one of the methods of avoiding the house from the thief. This was definitely important so that the valuable thing that was owned by you is not lost. The thief arrival had not been known by us. We must always be on the alert so that the matter that was not wanted does not happen. Definitely when you went outside and you too definitely wanted to leave the house in the safe condition.

Alarm generally only is made function to prevent the thief entering your house. However, when your house happen fire, the alarm will not function completely. But you could use adt alarms that had the surplus to not only protect your house from the thief but also will help to protect your house from the fire danger. ADT also had the surplus that was not owned by the other alarm. When fire happening, ADT will send the code to the office of the fire extinguisher and they could at once help you. Moreover, the code will also be sent to medical monitoring so as you would fast receive help.

And you will feel safe when leaving the house. ADT was alarm that really was good for your house. Already many that proved about the surplus that was owned by ADT. ADT give the security maximally and spread everywhere, you will be protected well.

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Sep 1, 2009

Newly Rich of the World

Tuesday, September 01, 2009 Oleh dennis sistiawan ·

The economic crisis as it is now only does not cause the loss for some people. In the middle of the number of unfortunate businessmen, evidently quite a few that is nouveau riche. They were rich not because quite immediately was rich. But was results of the struggle that indeed they get up from beneath and could be maintained by them in fact was increased in the middle of this crisis storm.

However, there was not only the old businessman who became rich. Many of them that to nouveau riche were the person that new began efforts. Like Mark Zuckerberg that built the site social network that was successful and could be accepted in the world. Afterwards had also Claudia that developed efforts coffee bean from the foundation and at this time he was successful as nouveau riche and became the richest number two person in his country. Afterwards had Azim Prenji that was the Indian man and he is the owner of the software manufacturer's companies foremost in India. Only needed time several years, he could become nouveau riche.

They succeeded in getting the success as nouveau riche was not without efforts. But, they got success with many struggles and many sacrifices. We also could like them by continuing to have not tried and surrendered with the failure. They are not the person who was successful without failing. They were the person of the success that could rise from the failure.

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Entrust Your Internet Access to Hughes Net

Tuesday, September 01, 2009 Oleh dennis sistiawan ·

The requirement of internet has been increasingly big at this time. The internet was in fact made work means for some people. The internet had the capacity to form communication globally. It was means that internet did not know time and place. You could use the internet at any time and anywhere. You only need the internet connection so that could connect with global communication.

However, not all the internet connections had the good quality. Because of the big requirement of the internet access many providers of internet that provided internet facilities with at random. And results, the quality of the internet that was produce so badly. You could entrust your internet access to Hughes Net. Hughes Net had the capacity of internet access that was faster compared to provider that was other. The speed of his internet access 50 times was faster compared to dial up. Hughes net broadband internet was the internet satellite that had the more sophisticated capacity. You will not experience the disturbance of the internet although the bad weather.

With the internet, all of your requirements could then be fulfilled. You in fact could the expenses in the internet through shop online. And much superiority that could be obtains in the internet. And at this time the internet was made means of producing money. Without the existence of the good internet connection, that’s was not necessarily obtained by you. So, entrust your internet access to Hughes Net.

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