Sep 16, 2010

Gets the Casino Theme Party Plan

Thursday, September 16, 2010 Oleh dennis sistiawan ·

There are so many kinds of party. The party is a kind of celebration to celebrate the important event in our life. People usually want to celebrate their birthday, the wedding, the baby shower and many other important events.

As a new option for your party, now you can also make a Casino party. In the party you can d├ęcor your house just like a casino. The decorations are also including the gambling table the card, roulette board and also many other items that are related to the gambling games. You can also ask the guest to play the game that they love just like in real casino. Imagine how fun it is.

Energizedevents offers you the casino theme party planning. They are the expert in the casinos parties. They are a rental casino theme party company that can serve all California. You can simply go to for more information you need on the party and the details. You can arrange a party with casino theme that is very authentic with the real casino. Do not hesitate to contact them and using their help in every important event in your life. They also can help you in arranging your birthday party, wedding, and holiday party with different atmosphere. Make an unforgettable party with casino theme in your life.

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Sep 15, 2010

Mathematic Course for Your Children

Wednesday, September 15, 2010 Oleh dennis sistiawan ·

Mathematic always become a monster and scary thing for students and children. Most people find difficulties to understand the formulas, application, and to finish the entire task. It is a common thing children sometimes get bad score for their mathematic, and send them to course can be a good choice to do.

If your children find so hard to get correct Math answers, it is better to hire private teacher for private course at home. It is more intensive and focused to your children. To save much money, you can try to follow online math course at This web offers for Math problem solver free teaching. You can get professional guidance to answer all Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Equitation, and other mathematic lessons. Usually, their course programs are offered for K-12 students. However, you can find a special section for college students to learn College algebra which is more complex and difficult. So, the Algebra solver tutors will help you to understand that easily.

For another chapter, such as Linear equations this web will give special training and intensive modules for you to keep practicing. Not only that, they also attach Square root calculator method to help you count in fast. Moreover, all the services are available in 24 hours a day.

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Sep 5, 2010

Kisahku dengan tabung Gas 3Kilo

Sunday, September 05, 2010 Oleh dennis sistiawan ·

Udah 2 Kali ini tabung gas 3kiloku bocor, yang pertama kali, sekitar seminggu yang lalu aku kira mungkin gasnya sudah tinggal dikit, ya tanpa pikir panjang aku beli aja dengan gas baru, dengan keyakinan gak bocor lagi, ternyata pas tabung baru kubuka klepnya rusak aku ganti aja dengan klep jadangan yang aku punya. Namun Setelah aku pakai sekitar seminggu, tiba-tiba tadi siang bau gas itu kembali menyengat, setelah aku cek kedapur ternyata gasnya memang bocor lagi. Apes tenan moso te tuku maneh, kan sik akeh isine masalae gur tak gawe godog banyu thok.

Ya daripada terjadi hal² yang tidak diinginkan aku buka saja tabung gasnya dan tak taruh diluar, dan sampai saat ini aku masih belum berani memasang tabung gas itu kembali, karena sudah banyak kejadian di tipi² yang tidak diinginkan terjadi pada tabung gas 3kilo. Ya semoga aja tabung² gas 3kilo kedepannya lebih baik lagi, udah dulu ah di sms temen dari tadi, mau betulin laptopnya. see u next time.

NB : gambar aku comot langsung dari kaskus

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Sep 2, 2010

Reaching Their Mobile Phones, Winning Their Hearts

Thursday, September 02, 2010 Oleh dennis sistiawan ·

Mobile phone really change the way we communicate today. With mobile phone we can make phone call much easier or be reached anywhere we are. Moreover, mobile phone network could also serve data communication allowing us to connect internet and access limitless information from our mobile device. No wonder, mobile phone becomes a multifunctional device you can’t live without. It is among the most important things you need to survive your day.

Since most people couldn’t be separated from their mobile phone, it creates new opportunity for your sales and marketing campaign. Mobile phone is very personal and if you can reach their mobile phone, you can reach the real target market. You can give the most effective message with the biggest impact straight to your targeted customer’s mind and you can also create much intense communication with your clients and customers. Cellit really knows the potential power of mobile technology and they have the best solution for your marketing strategy. Cellit Mobile Marketing is a groundbreaking mobile app designed to use the power of mobile network to reach your customer, at the time and with the way they want. Cellit has extensive mobile applications to make your mobile marketing efforts give optimum impact. Through advance WAP development and mobile phone marketing solution, you can manage your targeted market and build much intense customer relationship management. Your business will get advantages from flexible platforms from Cellit mobile marketing solutions. It also offers traditional platforms like text message marketing and text message crm. Cellit also provide reliable platform for you to offer mobile couponing for your targeted customers. Using response from customers on mobile coupons and using advance system provided by Cellit, you can easily analyze and follow up the lead to determine your true potential targeted market. It allows you to plan much intense and much targeted marketing campaign.

Cellit Mobile Marketing has specific solutions designed for particular type of business. One of the most popular ones is House4Cell. This is the most advanced mobile marketing application dedicated for real estate industry. Whether you have a real estate agency or an independent broker, you can get lots of benefits using this powerful mobile application. House4Cell is packed with lots of tools designed to optimize your works. You can use its powerful sms marketing features to give your prospective home buyers instant information about available properties that meet their expectation. Moreover, with the same feature you can also capture leads to manage much effective follow up. House4Cell could differentiate you with your competitors through advance technology.

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